"Black Triangles" Bibdana Single
"Black Triangles" Bibdana Single

"Black Triangles" Bibdana Single

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Our bandana bibs are soft, absorbent and stylish and come in a variety of designs to compliment any outfit. They are the perfect fashion accessory in any baby’s closet!

Every bib is made with two layers. The front is made from 100% Premium cotton and the back layers are polyester fleece to increase absorbency.

They have double nickel-free snaps so you can adjust the fit to suit your little one. The double snaps also make it more difficult for your baby to take the bib off and make a mess!

Dribble Bibs make great gifts for babies or toddlers!

***For every item purchased, we donate one to a child in need in Ecuador or New Zealand. If you have a preference - please let us know - just send a quick email to helpers@littlegivers.co.nz***

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  • Absorbent, stylish, soft and comfortable.
  • One size (30 cm x 33 cm).
  • Double layer.
  • Made of 100 % Premium cotton and polyester fleece.
  • Two nickel free snaps to adjust size.