"Pineapples" Hybrid Reusable Nappy

"Pineapples" Hybrid Reusable Nappy

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These adorable Pineapple reusable nappies will help you to save money!

Designed to fit most babies from 3kg to 15kg, you can keep reusing this product from birth to potty training.

Plus they look really trendy!

Simply add an insert which you can also find in the Little Givers store or at other stockists around NZ.

And of course, with your purchase we will give a nappy to a child in need!

***For every item purchased, we donate one to a child in need in Ecuador or New Zealand. If you have a preference - please let us know - just send a quick email to helpers@littlegivers.co.nz***

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  • Soft, comfortable and stylish.
  • One size for 3kg to 15kg
  • Reusable!